Enhancing food security in the Southern and Eastern rim of the Mediterranean requires leadership and engagement of all stakeholders.

FAO, EBRD and the UfM Secretariat are convening high-level policymakers, financing institutions and CEOs from leading agribusiness companies, to deepen relationships between the public and private sector and develop initiatives to increase agricultural investment in this region.

Co-chaired by UfM’s Secretary General, Fathallah Sijilmassi, FAO’s Assistant Director-General, Laurent Thomas, and EBRD’s Vice-President, Philippe Le Houerou, the Forum will address challenging policy and investments dilemmas: from self-sufficiency to trade liberalization; from traditional value chains to innovative food quality paradigms.

The Forum on 5-6 May will explore:

  • best practices for advancing regional integration;
  • developing strategies for financing food import bills;
  • improving the efficiency of import supply chains through private sector engagement;
  • focussing on advantageous agricultural exports;
  • achieving more efficient use of resources in production processes; and
  • supporting local producers to create higher value products through quality.

The event will contribute to a sustainable regional approach for agriculture and food security, capitalizing on the experience of each of the countries in the region and maximizing opportunities for the public and private sectors alike.

Conference Location

Headquarters of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean – Palacio de Pedralbes
Avenida Diagonal 686 – 08034 – Barcelona – Spain
Palacio de Pedralbes

Registration is now closed. All the materials from the forum are available under "Documents" and "Follow us" tabs.

Forum Documents

Forum Documents
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Agenda en pdf Download
Logistics note en pdf Download
Agri-food Trade and Food Security in SEMED en pdf Download
Agribusiness Notes en pdf Download
Speakers' biographies en pdf Download
List of Participants en pdf Download
Agriculture and Rural Development for Inclusive Growth and Food Security (Hafez Ghanem) en pdf Download
Ukraine's role in agricultural trade and food security (H.E Pavlenko MoA Ukraine) en pdf Download
Milk quality at farm level as a key to increasing exports (Andriy Dykun) en pdf Download
Ellen MacArthur Foundation - rethink the future (Jocelyn Bleriot) en pdf Download
Best practices to improve energy and resource efficiency in agri-food chains (Ralph Sims) en pdf Download
Concluding remarks en pdf Download
Op-Ed – The Future of Food in the Mediterranean
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Op-Ed/English - The Daily Star – Lebanon en web page Download
Op-Ed/French – l’ Economiste – Maroc fr web page Download
Op-Ed/Spanish es web page Download
Op-Ed/Arabic – Al Hayat ar web page Download
Press Release
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Press release en url Download
Press release (Arabic) ar url Download
Press release (French) fr url Download
Press release (Italian) it url Download
Press release (Spanish) es URL Download

For any other information on the Forum, please do not hesitate to contact:

Nada Zvekic, Nada.Zvekic@fao.org
cel: +39 393 682 6804

Adèle Peenaert, adele.peenaert@ufmsecretariat.org
cel: +34 64 500 1713


organised by
Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)