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EastAgri Annual Meeting, Istanbul, October 2010

The sixth EastAgri Annual Meeting (AM) took place on 13 & 14 October 2010 at the Sait Halim Pasa Mansion in Istanbul. EastAgri annual meetings are unique occasions for institutions working in transition countries to find forward-looking options to foster agricultural investment in the region, individually and in partnership with other EastAgri members.

The five round tables of the 2010 EastAgri annual meeting focused on the following topics:

Roundtable 1: Investment funds in agriculture. Recent experiences and future potential in the EastAgri region

Roundtable 2: From farm to fork: exploring investment opportunities in Turkey's agriculture

Roundtable 3: Can agricultural investment co-exist with climate change policies?

Roundtable 4: Investing across borders: the way forward for agricultural and rural development in the Western Balkans?

Round table 5: Farm mechanization: A new challenge for agriculture in low and middle-income countries of Europe and Central Asia

I) Workshop Documentation
document title language format  
Agenda English PDF Download
Logisitcs note English PDF Download
List of Participants English PDF Download
Speakers and moderators' biographies English PDF Download
Press Release - The world's next breadbasket English Web Download
EastAgri 2010 Annual Meeting Photo Slideshow English PDF Download
II) Plenary session
document title language format  
Update on EastAgri activities English PDF Download
Chat-Show - Main lessons of Transition, C. Csaki English PowerPoint Download
RT 2 outline - Agribusiness opportunities in Turkey, S. Abdysheva English PDF Download
RT3 outline - Climate Change and agricultural minvestments, M. Carroll English PDF Download
RT4 outlineInvestments across borders,WB countries, K. Mortensen English PDF Download
Releasing the Agricultural Potential of the EastAgri Region: J. Swinnen English PowerPoint Download
III) RT1 - Investment Funds in Agriculture
document title language format  
RT outline English PDF Download
EBRD portfolio of private equity funds in CEE and CIS -A.Hutton, EBRD English PowerPoint Download
Fund Investments in Food and Agribusiness - recent trends in ECA- I. Luyt English PowerPoint Download
FAO - Agricultural Investment Funds for Developing Funds, C. Miller English PowerPoint Download
Rabofarm: Investing in a Fertile Future English PDF Download
SEAF: Agribusiness Overview English PowerPoint Download
IFC: Experience in Agricultural Funds English PowerPoint Download
IV) RT2 - From farm to fork: exploring investment opportunities in Turkey’s agriculture
document title language format  
RT2 outline English PDF Download
Speakers' profiles English PDF Download
CP Group - Raw material outlook in Turkey English PDF Download
AtaInvest: Exploring Investment Opportunities in Turkey's Agri-Food Sector English PDF Download
Investment Encouragement Program - New Framework, S. Deniz English PowerPoint Download
Garanti - Agricultural Banking and Issues for SMEs in Rural Areas English PowerPoint Download
Ziraat Bank Turkish PowerPoint Download
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Turkey Turkish PowerPoint Download
From Farm to Fork, O. Albak English PowerPoint Download
SETBIR: Food Processing Industry Situation and Promotion of Agribusiness English PowerPoint Download
V) RT3 - Can agricultural investment co-exist with climate change policies?
document title language format  
RT outline English PDF Download
OECD- Green growth and climate change, H.Huang English PowerPoint Download
WB- Agriculture and Climate Change-challenges and opportunities, M. Carroll English PDF Download
FAO - Agricultural Investment in a time of climate change, C.Gregorio English PowerPoint Download
EU- Policies addressing agriculture and CC in the EU, N.Sivenas English PowerPoint Download
Adaptation - Managing the unavoidable, A.Iglesias English PowerPoint Download
EPA- Model of public private collaboration,K. Roos English PDF Download
IRD-Soil carbon sequestration, M. Bernoux English PowerPoint Download
RT3 Conclusions English PowerPoint Download
VI) RT 4 - Investing across borders, Western Balkans
document title language format  
RT outline English PDF Download
Main points covered English PDF Download
FAO REU - Introduction, R. Eberlin English PowerPoint Download
Trade in border areas, M. Bozic English PowerPoint Download
Risk or opportunity? Agrokor, L. Puljic English PowerPoint Download
Bringing finance to rural people- Macedonia case, E. Dimovska English PowerPoint Download
Finance to rural people, full document English PDF Download
RT 4 Conclusions English PowerPoint Download
Area based approach and role of economic diversification, G. Louwagie English PowerPoint Download
VII) RT 5 - Farm mechanization, a new challenge for agriculture
document title language format  
Rt outline English PDF Download
WB - FAO report English PDF Download
WB - FAO report Russian PDF Download
Farm mechanization - outline, G. Christensen English PowerPoint Download
National policies to support mechanization, Serova and Prikhodko, FAO English PowerPoint Download
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