Kazakhstan: Supporting an Inclusive Dairy Value Chain DevelopmentKazakhstan: Supporting an Inclusive Dairy Value Chain Development

Kazakhstan: Supporting an Inclusive Dairy Value Chain Development
Dairy is the second largest agricultural sub-sector in Kazakhstan, accounting for almost 16 percent of the value of agricultural output and almost one-third of livestock output. With a demand higher than production can meet, the dairy market has developed significantly in recent years with strong growth ranging from 12-15 percent per annum. FAO and EBRD saw an opportunity to provide assistance given the need for further development of the national dairy sector, in order to meet a growing demand. The project aims to enhance the competitiveness and the inclusiveness of the Kazakh dairy industry, through the increased involvement of small and medium size farmers in the value chain, as well as improved raw milk production and optimized milk collection systems. 

More specifically, the project will: (i) analyze Kazakhstan’s dairy value chain and propose recommendations for sector development, including ways to improve raw milk production and collection in a sustainable manner, and on the role dairy associations can play; (ii) map raw milk availability in selected oblasts of Kazakhstan by using modern geospatial technologies to facilitate the operation of milk procurement units of dairy processors; (iii) organize awareness-raising workshops to disseminate study findings and best practices, and discuss potential solutions and next steps.

Project Leader: Inna Punda, Inna.Punda@fao.org
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