EastAgri Annual Meeting, Berlin, May 2006EastAgri Annual Meeting, Berlin, May 2006

The EastAgri Annual Meeting 2006 was held in Berlin on 4 & 5 May 2006. Representatives from international financing institutions, development agencies, donor governments and the private sector, as well as from the ministries of agriculture in a number of the countries concerned, attended the session. The two-day meeting, sponsored by FAO, EBRD, CEI and the World Bank, and hosted by the German Corporation for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), explored, among other issues, promising approaches to rural finance in the early transition countries (ETCs). Participants at the meeting also reviewed issues limiting the development of Ukraine's agriculture sector, as well as current and planned interventions by donors and international financing institutions with a view to achieving greater coordination of assistance. Other topics of discussion included an examination of successful public-private partnerships in rural finance and agricultural development throughout the region, and the adjustments that Western Balkan countries need to make to integrate their agricultural markets into European Union markets.
i. Workshop documentation
document title
Agenda download
Annual Meeting 2006 Press release view
List of Participants download
Logistics note download
ii. Main session
document title
EastAgri´s latest achievements, FAO - Hidier download
Fostering Transition in the Agribusiness Sector, EBRD-Sam Fankhauser download
Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, Van Eckert download
Pre-accession Assistance for Rural Development, EU-Mortensen download
World Bank update, Julian Lampietti download
iii. RT1: Rural Finance: innovative and promising approaches in ETC
document title
ACBA Leasing, Crédit Agricole Consultants-Peju download
AECM and the Different European Guarantee Models, Sousa Branca download
Ag Leasing in Russia – Chemonics-Charitonenko download
Bai-Tushum and Partners, Kyrgyzstan - Ashyralijeva download
ETC and TAM/BAS, EBRD- Melnic download
FAO Subregional Office, Budapest , Lonc download
Financing Agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic, FAO-Marx download
Finca International, Renner download
Improving Efficiency in Agri Micro Lending, BFC-Kortenbusch download
LFS Financial Systems, Sulaberidze download
Round table outline download
Rural Finance in Moldova: Credit Unions, World Bank-Cooleye download
Rural finance in Mongolia, Mercy Corps -Eser download
Rural Finance in Tajikistan Current Status and Challenges, FAO-Hollinger download
iv. RT 2: Ukraine: IFIs/donors interventions to support agriculture
document title
Example of FAO Assistance, SEUR-Tanic download
Legal Uncertainty and Logistics – Toepfer, Schumacher download
OECD - Trends in Agricultural Markets and Policies in Ukraine, Melyukhina download
Round table outline download
Sector-Wide Approach for Agriculture, Food Safety and Rural Development download
The Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe, Lemieszek & Gluchowski download
The Rabobank experience, Mirzoyev download
v. RT3: Public Private Partnerships and Policy Dialogue
document title
Case Study: PPP in Georgian Wine Sector, Julia view
EVD, A Dutch example of PPP, Visser download
Experiences from the view of German agribusiness, Sauer download
PPP in German Development Cooperation, GTZ, Hartmann download
PPP in the Agricultural Guarantee Scheme in Italy, Coldiretti-Crivellaro download
Promotion of Russian agriculture by training and extension, GTZ- Boettcher download
Round table outline download
vi. RT4:Integration of Western Balkans agricultural markets into EU markets
document title
Food Chain Approach – Policy Implications FAO-Eberlin download
Agri-food Sector in Croatia, Bozic download
Conclusions download
Croatian Agricultural Acquis Cohesion Project World Bank, Bozic download
Economic Copenhagen Critaria, Serbia, Zivkov download
EU Instruments for pre-accession assistance, 2007-2013 download
Macedonian Agricultural market and the EU market, Nikolovski download
Round table outline download
SAP and respect of standards to export into the EU, Ghinzelli download
The agriculture and food industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Djuric- download

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