The Central European Initiative Sets its Agricultural Priorities, May 2006The Central European Initiative Sets its Agricultural Priorities, May 2006

The Working Group of Agriculture of the Central European Initiative (CEI) meeting took place on 22 May, 2006. The meeting was hosted by the FAO at its headquarters in Rome. The representatives of 17 CEI Member States reviewed new priority areas in agriculture to be included in a new CEI Plan of Action 2007-2009. The meeting was also an occasion to discuss prospects for further CEI-FAO collaboration in the field. Last but not least, at the meeting, the European Commission presented opportunities in fields of biotechnologies, agriculture and food quality under a forthcoming 7th Framework Programme. The CEI is a co-founder and sponsor of the EastAgri Network
i. Workshop documentation
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CEI Working Group on Agriculture view
Central European Initiative view
Tentative Agenda download
Tentative List of Participants download
ii. Presentations
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CEI Consultation on the European Technology Platform Food for Life, Keler download
EastAgri Network - Achievements since last year, Zvekic/Keler download
FAO's Framework for Trust Funds in the Western Balkans 2006 – 2009, Jehle download
FAO’s Activities in Agricultural Marketing, Management and Finance, Seidler download
Rural Credit Guarantee Schemes - Project Proposal, Lonc download
The EU’s new Research Framework Programme (2007-2013), Constatin download

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