Study Tour/Seminar on How to Protect Wine Appellations, Italy, July 2007Study Tour/Seminar on How to Protect Wine Appellations, Italy, July 2007

In the context of the FAO/EBRD "Protection of Georgian Wine Appellations" project, TCIE organized on 16-19 July 2007 a study tour of Italy's wine appellation system. The study tour aimed to improve Georgian wine producers' capacity to stimulate demand for their products in the global market. The tour included a seminar titled "How does Italy protect and promote its wine appellations?" with presentations by representatives of the Italian wine sector. At the same time the aim was to discuss the geographical appellations issue and learn from the Italian know-how how best to protect and promote such appellations. The event was followed by visits to associations of wine-makers, laboratories and wineries in 3 different regions of Italy.
1). Seminar agenda
document title
Agenda download
Federvini download
Georgian Vine and Wine sector- MoA of Georgia download
How to sell wines on international markets? Julia download
Italian Institute for Foreign Trade download
Press release view
UIV presentation download
2.) Study Tour Documentation
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List of Participants download
3.) Organizations
document title
Federvini view
Istituto Nazionale per il Commercio Estero (ICE) view
National Committee for Wine appellations - MoA, Italy view
Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) view
4.) Wineries Visited
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Consorzio del vino chianti Classsico - Gallo Nero view
Marchese Antinori view
Masi Agricola view
Ruffino view
Serego Alighieri view
5.) Background reports
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CHART - Italy wine Sector Organization download
Foreign Trade data 2007 download
Italian Scenario in the wine sector -Federvini download
Vineyards - Federvini download
Wine pyramid download

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