Protecting Georgian Wine Appellations, Final Workshop, Tbilisi, November 2007Protecting Georgian Wine Appellations, Final Workshop, Tbilisi, November 2007

The EBRD-FAO project had three main objectives: During its first phase, FAO had to identify the issues leading to counterfeiting of Georgian wines, inside and outside of Georgia. In a second phase, FAO was asked to make recommendations to the Georgia Government to improve the situation and help the Georgian authorities implement part of these recommendations, at least those related to drafting new regulations under Georgian law. This workshop presented to key stakeholders the various inputs prepared during the implementation of the project. In particular, it covered (i) the Recommendation Note prepared during Phase 1 of the project, (ii) the activities outlined in the Action Plan prepared for Phase 2, and (iii) the documents prepared for each activity foreseen in the Action Plan, with a short summary on achievements and lessons learned.
A.) Workshop documentation
document title
Improvement of technical standards and regulations - Part B - Julia download
Improvement of technical standards and regulations part A - Julia download
International debate on GIs - Wolf, WTO download
List of Participants download
Project background - Hidier, FAO download
Reccomendations on export marketing for Georgian wines - Julia download
Results on legal issues - Mosoti, FAO download
Workshop Agenda download
J.) Phase 2 - Activity IX & X
document title
Activity IX outline download
I.) Phase 2 - Activity VIII
document title
Activity VIII outline download
H.) Phase 2 - Activity VII
document title
Activity VII outline download
G.) Phase 2 - Activity V & VI
document title
A practitioner's guide download
Activity V outline download
Activity VI outline download
Draft reference manual on wine and vine legislation download
F.) Phase 2 - Activity IV
document title
Activity IV outline download
Costs and benefits of joining the Madrid Agreement download
E.) Phase 2 - Activity III
document title
Activity III outline download
Training in Negotiations view
D.) Phase 2 - Activity II
document title
Activity II outline download
Legal opinion on Israel-Georgia case download
C.) Folder - Phase 2 -
document title
Action Plan download
Activity 1 - The Georgia-Ukraine Bilateral Agreement download
FAO Seminar agenda July 2007 download
Introduction to Phase II download
Italian vine and wine sector regulation download
Italy Study Tour July 2007 download
Italy wine Sector- DIAGRAM download
List of participants download
Study tour Agenda 2007 download
B.) Folder - Phase 1 -
document title
phase 1 download
K.) Previous meetings and workshops
document title
First workshop on the Protection of Wine Appellations, Dec 2005 view
Italy Study Tour, July 2007 view
Workshop on Negotiation 28-29 June 2006 view

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