Best Food: How to Produce Both Quality and Quantity in Europe and Central Asia

18-19 June: 2014 EastAgri Annual Meeting - Belgrade, Serbia

Best Food: How to Produce Both Quality and Quantity in Europe and Central Asia

Evolving consumers' demand and increasingly competitive international markets require new approaches to agriculture and agribusiness. The EastAgri region, which covers 29 countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, is in a prime position to meet these changing demands and stricter standards. Adding value through quality and origin-based labels and greener food chains are examples of approaches to gain a competitive advantage on International markets. Importantly, an enabling policy environment and adequate access to financing are key to upgrading food chains to higher quality standards.

FAO and the EBRD are organizing the 2014 EastAgri Annual Meeting to bring together International Financing Institutions, banks, agribusiness companies and policy-makers to discuss innovative approaches to fostering investment that help food chains meet higher quality and environmental standards.

Stakeholders from influential public and private institutions from the EastAgri region will address the title question through a plenary panel on the first day and technical roundtable discussions on the second day. Concrete outcomes and next steps will be defined as a group meeting at the end of the two days.

Conference Location

Kinoteka, The Yugoslav Film Archives
Uzun Mirkova 1, Beograd, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 32 48 250
Kinoteka, The Yugoslav Film Archives

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