MFB Hungarian Development Bank Private Limited Company

MFB Hungarian Development Bank Private Limited Company

The Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) is a specialised credit institution, and the only participant in the Hungarian banking system which considers the promotion and modernisation of the Hungarian economy its primary task. In the light of its development banking activities, MFB is a financial institution that is only moderately profit-orientated. The fundamental aim of MFB is the implementation of the economic and development policy decisions of the state through special banking means and institutional schemes, establishment of a balanced and therefore sustainable economic growth, thereby strengthening the cohesion between the economy and society. MFB raises funds in the domestic and international financial and capital markets in the form of loans and bond issues, which serve as the sources of its lending and investment activity. MFB may only lend to financially viable projects and uses banking instruments in order to improve the transparency and the efficient utilisation of funds. The government considers among the highest priorities of MFB to play a bridging role between government’s enterprise development (especially SME incentive) instruments and the commercial banking sector. In accordance with its approved strategy, MFB Group was established in 2006. The affiliated enterprises play a supporting role in EU initiatives for SME development; promote improvements in local and regional infrastructure.

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