EBRD and FAO organise round table of Kazakh grain experts, October 2015EBRD and FAO organise round table of Kazakh grain experts, October 2015

02 October, 2015

Analysts will discuss grain production, consumption and trade

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) are continuing to promote information technologies and global information exchange in agriculture in Kazakhstan.

The two institutions are organising a grain analyst round table in Almaty on 2 October to allow both national and international private sector market analysts to discuss the availability and shortcomings in grain production, consumption, trade and stock estimates. Representatives from KazAgroMarketing, part of the KazAgro National Holding, and the Eurasian Trade System Commodity Exchange will participate in the round table.

Kazakhstan is the seventh largest exporter of wheat in the world and currently exports between six and eight million tonnes of wheat each year, mostly to Central Asia. Accounting for 4-5 per cent of worldwide wheat exports, the country’s role in assuring global food security is an important one.

The round table will be held as part of the joint FAO-EBRD technical assistance project entitled “Enhancing grain market transparency in Kazakhstan – for informed market prospects and investment decision-making”. This project aims to enhance transparency in the grain market for analysts and investors and foster the country’s participation in the work of the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS). Greater transparency and information exchange will facilitate investment in Kazakhstan’s grain sector.

AMIS was created by G20 countries in 2011 to improve global grain market transparency and encourage coordination of policy action in response to market uncertainty. Kazakhstan was among a few non G20 countries that were invited to join the system at the time but is only now taking steps to become an active user of the system, with the government appointing a new representative to coordinate the effort. The EBRD and FAO will participate by organising training for Kazakhstan’s agricultural market analysts on AMIS data requirements, methodology and tools at FAO headquarters during the autumn of 2015.

A short review on both grain storage and transportation infrastructure issues and on commodity trade in Kazakhstan overall will be developed and made available under this project. These reviews will also contribute to the decision-making processes and facilitate the development of efficient and inclusive agricultural food systems in Kazakhstan.

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