Towards enhancing grain market transparency in Kazakhstan, June 2016Towards enhancing grain market transparency in Kazakhstan, June 2016

15 June, 2016

FAO and the EBRD are working to increase the efficiency of wheat sector in the country

Two leading international organisations are planning to unveil an agricultural information system for Kazakhstan, adding to the transparency of an increasingly important sector in the country's economy.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will present how a G-20 Agriculture Market Information System (AMIS) works in the three cities of Astana, Kostanay and Almaty between 14 and 17 June. The programme is part of a joint technical assistance project: “Enhancing grain market transparency in Kazakhstan – for informed market prospects and investment decision-making.”

The two institutions are working to create a better environment for investment in the Kazakh grain sector where uncertainty and grain market volatility are key market factors.

“The roadshow will allow grain producers, suppliers, processors and exporters of Kazakhstan to learn about AMIS, as well as receive valuable information on global grain production, consumption and trade estimates in 2016-17”, said Azamat Shamsiev, Principal Banker, Agribusiness team in the Industry, Commerce and Agribusiness group of EBRD.

Discussion during the presentation will also touch on existing impediments to the development of an efficient and inclusive sector in Kazakhstan and how to improve the situation.

“The active participation of Kazakhstan in AMIS would work towards the improvement of the global grain market transparency and the creation of a better environment for investment in the key sector of Kazakh economy”, said Branko Bulatovic, Head of the FAO Partnership and Liaison Office in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is the 8th largest exporter of wheat in the world. Accounting for 4-5 per cent of worldwide wheat exports, the country plays an important role in assuring global food security.
In 2015, the country exported 6.5 million tons of wheat and annual revenues from grain export range between USD 1.3 and USD 1.8 billion.

Food security is a key focus for the EBRD as part of its wider strategy of driving forward the reform process in its regions with a strategy guided by three overriding priorities: strengthening resilience, promoting integration, and addressing global and regional challenges.

Awareness on AMIS advantages and prospective would support wheat producers, traders, exporters, investors and the Government to contribute into process of grain market transparency in Kazakhstan and enhance constructive partnership through information sharing and dialogue.

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