AF Land Registration & Cadastre System for Sustainable Agriculture Project

The World Bank
The objective of the Additional Financing for the Land Registration and Cadastre System for Sustainable Agriculture Project for Tajikistan is to expand farmland restructuring activities under the Farm Privatization Support Project, and to enable more rural people to become independent farmers and take management decisions in response to market forces. The additional grant would support expansion of the scope of activities under the current World Bank Project and support implementation for an additional three years. This will: * build understanding on how to improve the immovable property registry system by testing and demonstrating the integration of registry and cadastral information and good customer service in selected areas, and supporting analysis and planning for extension at the national level; * expand farmland restructuring and issuance of certificates for family farms; * expand the issuance of use rights certificates for other types of immovable property; * expand the productive use of project-financed databases and mapping capacity and the further development of the cadastral system; * expand policy analysis; and * support activities that complement farmland restructuring and certificate issuance, including information for farmers and other immovable property users, grants for on-farm irrigation rehabilitation, and environmental land management. Its support for both scaled-up farmland restructuring-related activities and new activities involving other types of immovable property will enhance the impact of a well-performing project and the implementation of priority government reforms. The additional financing will form one element of the Bank's ongoing support for the land agenda, which also includes programmatic development policy operations, policy dialogue, and tenure requirements in other investment projects.
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