Regional wheat figures 2014:

  • The 29 EastAgri countries produced about 173 million tons.
  • The three largest producers were Russia at about 60 million tons, Ukraine at about 24 million tons, and Turkey at about 19 million tons. Regional wheat figures 2013:
  • The 29 EastAgri countries produced about 164.5 million tons.
  • The three largest producers were Russia at about 52 million tons, Ukraine at about 22.3 million tons, and Turkey at about 22 million tons.
  • Wheat exports were about 45.5 million tons.
  • Wheat imports were about 12.5 million tons.
  • The two largest exporting countries were Russia and Ukraine.
  • The two largest importing countries were Turkey and Azerbaijan. Regional flour figures 2013 [wheat]:
  • Exports were at about 5 million tons.
  • Imports were at about 2.3 million tons.
  • The 2 largest exporting countries were Turkey and Kazakhstan.
  • The 2 largest importing countries were Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

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Wheat is the most important crop among the cereals and has a greater protein and caloric content than any other food group, remaining one of the most affordable sources of protein in many countries. It is grown in most parts of the world, yet the European countries achieve the highest yields. Wheat is also used for animal feed and biofuels. Most wheat is consumed in the form of baked goods and therefore must be milled to produce flour prior to consumption, therefore the flour milling industry is the main consumer of wheat. Wheat flour is the most important product of wheat milling and is used in home cooking, and baking and confectionary industries. The three main flour exporting countries in 2008 were Kazakhstan (17%), the European Union (13%), and Turkey (12%). The leaders of flour importers are Brazil and Libya. However, of the two, wheat grain is a more widely traded product than wheat flour due to lower import tariffs on wheat grain and logistical and quality issues, such as shorter shelf life of flour as compared with wheat grain.

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    EastAgri top wheat producers in 2012
    Country Quantity (tonnes)
    1. Russia 37,719,640
    2. Turkey 20,100,000
    3. Ukraine 15,762,600
    Region total 133,836,674
    EastAgri top wheat exporters in 2011
    Country Quantity (tonnes)
    1. Russia 15,185,953
    2. Ukraine 4,097,309
    3. Kazakhstan 2,891,482
    Region total 30,256,964
    EastAgri top wheat importers in 2011
    Country Quantity (tonnes)
    1. Turkey 4,754,682
    2. Azerbaijan 1,166,572
    3. Poland 816,653
    Region total 11,105,634

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