Wholesale Markets

Wholesale Markets
Wholesale marketing occurs when a producer of a good sells it to an individual or company that intends to resell it, usually under a different brand name and at a greater price.

Many local farmers and mid-sized agricultural producers participate in whole-sale marketing, producing crops and selling them to a number of buyers that may represent local or large grocery chains, who then resell those crops to their own customers. Unless they manufacture their own goods, retailers are dependent on wholesale marketing.

Wholesale markets significantly improve the efficiency in the distribution of goods, merchandise, and food and encourage competition by creating conditions demanding of transparent and relatively low costs. Access to market information for various entities or companies is also enhanced.

The role of wholesale markets in the food chain is changing from ‘spot wholesale markets’ to ‘dedicated wholesalers’. Spot markets are the traditional wholesale markets where spontaneous supply and demand comes together, where commodities are bought and sold for cash and delivered immediately.

Wholesale infrastructures have been built in all countries, along with municipal rules and fees. Dedicated wholesalers work (exclusively) for large supermarket chains. They can be seen as an extension of the supermarket procurement system. The speed of change per country depends on the roll out speed of the chains of hypermarkets, discounters, and supermarkets.

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